Deacon's Page 



      Recently I had one of those challenging life experiences we all go through to prove that we still have a heartbeat; my cellphone stopped holding a charge for much more than an hour. All kidding aside, it was quite a challenge. I am a creature of comfort. I know the basics of this phone; I have had it for five years (an eternity in today’s cellphone world). The fear of having to survive the dreaded data transfer began to creep up on me. A new phone? These new phones are so…BIG and COMPLICATED, how will I ever learn to use a new one. My daughter tutored me on the basics of this one. I was unhappy and upset about the prospect of visiting the cell provider to find something new. I powered through a couple more days of inconvenience and then…everything went back to normal. To my great relief, the battery started holding a charge for several hours at a time and the phone began working as it should once again.

     Sometimes the options laid out before us do not seem to have any hope of working out. Our energy is running low, and our battery just will not hold a charge. Our sense of normalcy and comfort leave, and a low-level panic takes their place. What to do? Plug in and keep going! God is with us. He will never leave us. He is our source of power and through Him, because of Him, and with Him, all things will work out to His glory and our good. We may not understand it at the time. We may not see the closing chapter this side of heaven, but God keeps his promises. He will hold us tight to Him and never let us go. AMEN!




Deacon Hurst