Chairman's Message

Greetings Calvary Members, Families, & Friends!


It's the last day of October, which is Reformation Day for us in the Lutheran Church.  Gordy learned about Reformation Day in church this weekend, even though he kind of forgot to Google it.  Here is a recap in case you missed it.


Gordy:  What happened on this Reformation Day?

Mr. Hurst:  It was 505 years ago that a man named Martin Luther nailed 95 handwritten theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany.

Gordy:  Couldn't he have just sent an email instead?

Mr. Hurst: No, they didn't have that back then.

Gordy:  Text?

Mr. Hurst: No!

Gordy:  Well what were these 95 theses about?

Mr. Hurst:  One of the things that the church was doing was selling items called, "indulgences''.  You would pay a bunch of money for a piece of paper that was supposed to help you, or a relative, get rid of past sins and get to Heaven faster.

Gordy:  That's silly!  Everyone knows that you can't get rid of sins and get to Heaven that way!

Mr. Hurst:  Well, Gordy, do you know how we get rid of sins and get to Heaven?  In other words, how are we saved from sin, death, and the devil?

Gordy:  Mr. Hurst, we can't save ourselves, only God can save us!  God did that by sending his only son, Jesus, to take our place on the cross.  Jesus died on the cross for our sins and then rose again!  That way, one day we will be able to live with him in Heaven, forever!


We will be hearing more messages from Gordy and Mr. Hurst in the near future!  You just never know when Gordy may show up!


Other events happening in November:


Pastor and Mrs. Ballas will be hosting a 6 week Bible Study at 7 p.m on Friday nights starting November 11th at their home.  It is titled, "It's Greek To Me" and is based on John 3:16.  Check the bulletin,  A-frame, or talk to the Ballas' for more information.


Sunday Bible Class at 9 and Church Service at 10

Matins at 10 a.m. on Wednesday 2nd, 9th, & 16th.

Wednesday 23rd is Thanksgiving Eve Service at 7 p.m.  (no 10 a.m Matins)

Wednesday 30th at 10 a.m is Advent Service followed by brunch (no evening service)

Every Tuesday is Ladies Bible Study and Men's Devotion & Discussion at 10 a.m.


Friday:         11th is a Veterans Dinner from 5:30-8 in the Fellowship Hall

Saturday:     12th is the Scacchi Baby Shower 11-2

Wednesday: 16th is the Outreach Thanksgiving Dinner at the Athenian Village

Sunday:        20th is Super Sunday  Gordy-Food-and more after Church Service

Saturday:      26th is Church Decorating at 9 a.m.


We hope to have a Calvary Cares Newsletter out later this month to give you updates!  Thanks to all of you that have been working so hard to make all of this happen!


Blessings to all of you and I will see you at church!


Jeff Steingass